• “Fort he first time in my life I am playing soccer with women. It is a fantastic feeling to see strong women around me and to play soccer together is an incredible experience.” İDİL-Queen Bees

  • “I feel very powerful during all trainings and team meetings. Kızlar Sahada made me realize how wonderful it is to be a part of a team and to experience team spirit.” AYÇA-Perfetti Van Melle

  • “Not just because I am a woman but because I am a human being I am proud to be a part of this Project!” Bahar-MUDO

  • “If you ask me the meaning of Kızlar Sahada I’d say oneness, being together and team spirit. This organization shows women that we are not alone and that we should believe in ourselves.” RUKİYE-Allianz Sigorta

  • “Those who come to watch say ‘’wow! There are really women out there who play soccer’’. That really amuses me. Yes, us, women play soccer we have a lot of fun together! We can do this!” GİZEM-Mercedes Benz Finansal Hizmetler

  • “I love that expression on the faces of others when I build sentences using expressions like ‘’when I play soccer’’ or ‘’while I am with my soccer team’’. Those expressions I see affect me very positively and give me strength” ESRA-Queen Bees

  • “You can lose weight with soccer, you can look fit and fantastic but the most important part is that you will be feeling great because you are part of a team and that will make you look beautiful!” MERYEM-Perfetti Van Melle


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