We Completed the June Training!

31 Temmuz 2020 | Online

We completed a 1-month training specially prepared for the Kotex Kızlar Sahada Footballer Development Program by our Training and Coaching Partner Flow Coaching.

We prepared a 1-month compressed training program with our Training and Coaching Partner Flow Coaching Institute for athletes and volunteers of the Kotex Kızlar Sahada Footballer Development Program.

We started the program with Erkan Belen’s Communication Skills and Personal Brand Management training. At the first training, we focused on the effects and benefits of correct communication by discussing the importance of communication in our lives and analyzing our own communication styles. In the second training, we learned how to use our skills better and more effectively. We also learned how to create our personal brand so that the people around us can get the correct idea about us.

Emine Sever conducted Time Management training, which was designed in two sessions. By discovering what we spend our time on the most, we learned about grouping our work according to importance and urgency in the training. Practice opportunities at the training introduced us to various methods such as the Pomodoro Technique and Kanban Technique, which help us use our time more efficiently.

Conflict Management training conducted by Özlem Koparan was also held in two sessions. In this training, we tried to discover our weaknesses and strengths by learning how to benefit from correct communication methods using theoretical knowledge and practical work when faced with a conflict.

We finished our July training with two sessions of My Compass, My Internal Coach Training, directed by Flow Coaching Institute Founder and Instructor Murat Vardar. In the training, we learned how to set goals correctly and how to cope with obstacles along the way to try to reach these goals.

We thank our Training and Coaching Partner Flow Coaching for making possible these training, which are full of valuable information, and all the instructors for making the training enjoyable with their high energy and sincerity!

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