We held our #çocuklarsahada Progıda Football and Social Development Camp this year too!

28 Ağustos 2020 | Akçakoca/Düzce

Our football camp, which was held in Sakarya and Ordu last year, was organized in Düzce’s Akçakoca this year.

In collaboration with Progıda, we organized our #çocuklarsahada Football and Social Development Camp this year on August 17-28, 2020.

The aim of this camp includes protecting the children of seasonal agricultural workers from agricultural labor, raising awareness on gender equality, and supporting the children’s physical development and academic improvement in a setting that is specially designed for them, rather than a place like a hazelnut orchard, which is not suitable for children’s health and development.


This year, the camp was organized according to COVID-19 rules, with 26 children participating, including 19 boys and 7 girls. All the children carried out activities both on the field and off the field with two trainers for two weeks. In closing, each child said goodbye to the camp after taking their medals and footballs that were given to them as gifts.


We thank Olam Progıda for their effort to maintain the project and their contribution to the project despite the difficult conditions and physical constraints brought by 2020. We hope to meet with more children next year.

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