Sponsored by Visa, this is Kızlar Sahada’s free football and social development program for girls aged 9-14 who are socioeconomically disadvantaged, in the youth programs of women’s football teams in 9 cities across all 7 regions of Turkey.

At Visa Kızlar Sahada Football Schools, it is believed that alongside child development, it is also important to improve the ecosystem surrounding the children. For this reason, club managers, trainers, families, and volunteers are involved in training programs on psychosocial development and capacity-building training prepared with the expertise and vision of Kızlar Sahada.

Here is the view of the women's football clubs worked with in the programme:

Information about the Visa Girls Football Schools October 2019 - October 2020 process and the results of the SROI Analysis Interim Evaluation conducted by Atlı Danışmanlık. from this link you can reach.


Football uniforms, training equipment, and salary support for trainers are supplied to the clubs that participate in the trial process and 12-month football school process as project stakeholders of Visa Kızlar Sahada Football Schools. Chairpersons, managers, and trainers of the clubs chosen for Visa Kızlar Sahada Football Schools attend yearlong Educator Trainings and become members of the Kızlar Sahada family.

Club and trainer applications are evaluated separately; therefore, their criteria are independent of each other.

*Applications for the year 2019 are closed.


Financial support for the salaries of trainers is provided to those who participate in the Visa Kızlar Sahada Football Schools’ trial process and 12-month football school process. Female trainers will be given priority. We are looking forward to receiving applications from those who would like to participate in the program and join us in building a bright future for girls!

*Applications for the year 201920 are closed. Application dates for 2021 will be announced.


Football training is held at the facilities of the football clubs with which Kızlar Sahada collaborates. Training hours are arranged according to the club’s schedule. The children who enroll in the football school are expected to attend the trainings regularly throughout the duration of the program, without absenteeism. Applications should be made by the parents.

You can enroll here for this free development program that includes training on football and personal development, and aims to empower girls against gender-based discrimination through football.


The volunteer program requires being present at the trainings, within the training hours to be determined according to the clubs’ schedule (2 days a week, 2 hours each) in the selected cities, helping the trainer and the children, observing, and reporting to the Kızlar Sahada team regularly. After the applications are made, volunteers chosen by the Kızlar Sahada team through interviews are included in the training process.

Students from the Department of Physical Education and Sports and the Department of Coaching Education are given priority when selecting volunteers. There is no preference based on gender; applications are open for everyone.